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Protect Your Pavement

The moment asphalt is laid it begins to wear. This wear and tear is completely natural and caused by exposure to weather, traffic, chemical spills and water penetration. Each of these exposure points contributes to the weakening and cracking of pavement over time. If left untreated, damaged pavement can quickly turn into an unstable, hazardous surface further increasing the likelihood of accidents, including vehicle damage and more seriously personal injury (falling, slipping, etc.).

At KCI we believe that every problem has a solution! Applying a sealcoat to existing pavement can help extend the surface’s life by many years. Not only will sealcoating extend the life of existing surfaces, but it will give the surface a like-new look, saving you the costly expenses of resurfacing. Due to the considerable benefits of sealcoating, it has become an integral part of many pavement management plans.

KCI is also one of a very few companies in New England that is licensed to use Jennite materials. Jennite has been the standard of excellence in asphalt pavement protection since 1938. No other pavement sealer lasts longer, preserving your valuable investment with the best protection possible.

Among its many benefits, Jennite will leave a surface that will last for many years to come. It has a tough & tight waterproof seal and provides a seamless, skid-resistant even-textured surface making it safe and easy to clean. Jennite material also helps to recreate that rich, black “brand new” look.


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Protect Your Pavement

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