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Pave, Repair, Resurface, Replace

Asphalt pavement is utilized because of its durability, strength and cost-effectiveness. It is a mixture of stone aggregate and mineral filler, combined with 6% asphalt cement. If properly mixed asphalt can withstand heavy traffic loads for years. That said, the longevity of pavement is directly related to the base layer, traffic load and ground conditions of a given area. If these factors are not properly accounted for before paving, it can be the difference between having to replace pavement after one or two years versus maintaining it for years to come. The mixture, preparation and application all matter — quality counts!

Another factor in determining the longevity of a surface is how it is managed. Even the strongest, most well-designed asphalt will require maintenance at some point or another in order to remain strong and intact. There are a variety of maintenance options for issues that arise as a result of normal wear and tear, including asphalt patching, asphalt removal & replacement, and asphalt resurfacing solutions — all of which we specialize in.


Pave, Repair, Resurface, Replace


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