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Manage Traffic Flow

Providing proper line striping is crucial to generating effective traffic flow, and maintaining safety. Faded line striping and symbol painting in a parking lot can lead to ineffective traffic flow, backups, traffic jams, accidents and injuries among other things. The bottom line is that faded line striping is dangerous and puts drivers and pedestrians in unnecessary danger; all of this can be avoided with a new coat of paint.

At KCI Paving we have the ability to design a complete layout for new and existing lots, effectively managing traffic flow to and from spaces. We can also restripe existing lots, repaint A.D.A regulation handicap markings, and use custom stenciling — including directional arrows, letters, numbers and custom logos.

Remember: line striping isn’t just for parking lots and roadways. ¬†We stripe a number of different surfaces, indoors and out, including warehouse floors, tennis courts, playgrounds, recreational areas and more. We can also color coat entire surfaces.


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