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Client: Applebee’s

KCI swarmed the Woonsocket Applebee’s location with multiple, concurrent teams to work on the parking lot and sidewalks. Both entrances needed concrete sections replaced, and the parking lot needed maintenance.

We broke up and removed old cracked and uneven concrete sections in multiple locations along the entrances and sidewalks, and laid new concrete.

Related to the concrete work, we also patched sections of pavement abutting the sidewalks.

Concurrently with the concrete and pavement work, we also cleaned and filled pavement cracks throughout the parking lot.

Client: Distribution Center

This customer was having difficulties getting their trucks into their loading dock.  After the site visit, we recommended installing concrete pads to handle the weight and increase safety getting rid of ruts that fill with puddles and ice. We removed the existing pavement, reset existing ballards, installed wire rebar and imported concrete.

Client: Commercial Office

KCI made significant upgrades to deteriorating sidewalks resolving trip and fall issues and esthetics.

Client: Cumberland Plaza

The popular Cumberland Plaza parking lot was in need of a full repaving.

KCI filled the cracks and repaired the base layer, then laid down new asphalt and repainted the lines.

Client: Natick Site

A long time customer needed expanded storage space for a project they needed to complete in a timely manner. In the past, KCI Concrete’s quick response time had helped them meet a deadline on another project, so they called us again for our expertise with utility tie-ins. The project was completed ahead of schedule and all of the customers needs were met.

Client: Shopping Center

KCI Paving completed the milling & overlaying in 3 areas of this shopping center’s parking lot.

Client: Commercial Facility

KCI Paving helped with an addition of an existing facility by expanding the existing parking lot.  KCI’s pulverizing crew ground the existing material for a new sub-base then furnished and installed new asphalt.

Client: Residential Properties

“I don’t know how to thank you for the magnificent excavating and paving job you completed at my residence. The workmanship was some of the best that I have ever seen. I appreciate your meticulous attention to detail and the crew was pleasant and easy to work with. I will gladly recommend KCI in the future as we are so very happy with our new gorgeous driveway.” -J.C., East Greenwich, RI


“Great job! Another happy customer! Thank you!” S.L., Lincoln, RI

Client: Property Mgt Facility

KCI Concrete assisted a residential property owner with an emergency at one of their locations.  An existing retaining wall that was improperly built failed during the heavy rainfall in 2013 and needed to be fixed immediately to avoid further damage or injury.

KCI Concrete disassembled the existing wall, stock-piled the existing blocks to be reused for cost savings.  Reinforcing fabric, proper drainage, and a stone bed was built to prevent any future issues. The wall was rebuilt and the customer was pleased with the work and the savings.

Client: Stop & Shop

Asphalt overlay & new striping

Client: Uncle Bob’s Storage

The Uncle Bob’s Self-Storage facility in Rumford, RI needed paving work.  KCI’s team graded and paved two areas along side the last row of self-storage units.


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