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Defend Against Cracking

Cracking in asphalt is a clear indication that the surface coat has been compromised and fluid or other material has potentially started to fill these cracks, further damaging pavement. Surface cracks can occur as a result of high volumes of traffic, pavement fatigue or most common of all, environmental factors.

Crack sealing is, and should always be, a first line of defense in preserving the integrity of a surface. Effectively sealing cracks will help to keep water and other materials from entering and further weakening the base and sub-base materials. Doing so helps to preserve the surrounding pavement and prevents dirt, sand, chemicals and water from settling into open cracks.

Maintaining crack filling procedures will help to extend the life of a surface by minimizing further cracking and damage. This will also help to reduce the chance of accidents and injuries resulting from damaged pavement (i.e. flat tires, automobile damage and falling).


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